Episode 1: The Pilot

Track Listing For Episode 1

  1. Vangelis (Themes) : End Theme To The Bounty
  2. Joe Hisaishi (Princess Mononoke) : The Legend Of Ashitaka Theme
  3. Anant-Garde Eyes (Charlotte Soundtrack) : Break Time
  4. Motoi Sakuraba (Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time) : So Alone, Be Sorrow
  5. Digital Trip (SF Animethology ’86) : Part IV
  6. Tamiya Terashima (Tales From Earthsea) : A Journey
  7. Crystal Wind (Cafe Tropique) : Mambeaux Sambonesia
  8. Digital Trip (Adieu Galaxy Express 999) : Waves Of Light
  9. Jens Gad (Le Spa Sonique) : Silver Sands
  10. Geinoh Yamashirogumi (Akira Soundtrack) : Espcape From Underground Fortress
  11. Jan Hammer (Pure Moods) : Crocket’s Theme
  12. Joe Hisaishi (A Scene At The Sea) : Clifside Waltz Pt 1


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